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Resolutions a distant memory?

by Justin York Misc

So, another year commences, the days have swung around to January 1st and New Year's Day and now we begin to accelerate into the New Year. If you're lying in the ruins of your resolutions, fear not, all is not lost!

Firstly let me reassure you that you won't be the only one, secondly it's also recoverable and thirdly who the hell decided when your new year began!

One amazing thing is that we have become slaves almost to others views of time and space and if tradition tells us to make a New Year's resolution at midnight on 31st December then we must! We won't keep them for any number of reasons, we just thought them up, we don't actually want to give something up, it's much too big and we may have had a tonic or two!

So how do we go about fixing these resolutions (assuming you wish to do so); I will also confirm to you that there is nothing wrong with resolutions or positive and optimistic thinking. The key decision around resolutions is making sure that we are in the right place to make the journey. Often, we make decisions to either please someone else or to just go along with everyone else and not wish to be left out or perhaps isolated amongst our peers. The journey may be long or it may be short but it will involve significant change and may be difficult.

We are all capable of giving something up if the drive to do so is strong enough; however sometimes taking the path of least resistance seems simplest and we often choose that course. So here is an example from my life quite a long time ago; I started smoking when I was about 13 and by the time I was 20 I was smoking 30 - 40 a day! I tried to give up numerous times, sometimes at new year, other times by cutting down, nothing worked. I knew I wanted to but I was addicted. One night I had been out and had been smoking ALOT and the next morning I felt terrible; it was my time I threw the cigarettes and lighter in the bin and haven't smoked since and that was 27 years ago!

So can you, yes of course you can, are you strong enough, of course you are, do you want to, different question. Don't let others drive you, you decide when the time is right.

Your resolutions are achievable, they may take longer than you though thanks to a tonic or two and whatever you do don't beat yourself up if you don't succeed straightaway.

Happy new year!