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About us

Justin is an experienced Performance Innovation Coach and mentor, specialising in bringing an innovative and balanced approach to individual and business puzzles around change, communication, organisational behaviour, motivation and strategy. These aspects of business life are always present and once they have been considered and resolved enable you to move forward at a pace that it is suitable to you and your organisation.

Justin has over 25 years' experience in management positions in the military and as a management consultant, living around the world experiencing different styles and cultures. He brings this wealth of experience and understanding to bear with an easy and engaging yet challenging style. Justin is a keen advocate of 'people being their own best experts' and he uses tools from coaching and consulting to bring change in both individual and team behaviours as well organisational culture.

Through his easy and engaging style, Justin brings a sense of dynamism and control, using his understanding of what makes people different he can quickly see through the issues and bring an eclectic mix of coaching and mentoring to the problem. Through this approach the issues are understood and addressed, within a safe, non-judgemental environment where you have the space to think through your risks and options to reduce their impact. People are recognised as the greatest asset an organisation has; I believe that they have huge potential if they are allowed to develop and use the skills that they have, not necessarily through training, but more through enhancing their innate abilities. Changing behaviours in individuals and organisations is key to their change programme success; enabling organisations to stretch their thinking and approach allows them to consider, analyse and select the best possible options to move forward.

Interested in this approach, contact me for a detailed discussion about how Rubicon Coaching can help you to start the change.