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All around us we hear about new sets of regulations or losses of data; these situations exist in financial services, energy suppliers, supermarkets or telecommunications. Many of the issues that surround these types of organisations are driven by a lack of technical strategy or policy. Add to that poor communication when embedding a strategy and it's not a surprise that there are issues.

This situation, while common, is not the only approach to delivering change. It is not uncommon for an organisation to be swayed by a promise of a silver bullet, delivered by a major consultancy; on some occasions this means that you lose sight of your organisational objectives!

If you fully understand what you need for your organisation and convert that to a feasible strategy you have a build baseline. If you stay true to your needs and are not seduced by the panacea being offered, you have a better chance of getting what you need, when you want it and closer to the budget that you have. Strategy is not about putting a man on the moon, its about delivering performance and success.

Through efficient planning and collaboration you can deliver your strategy as you see it. Rubicon-TechStrat can help you make that change. Will you let it?

What's it about?

  • Considering the needs of the people with strategy change
  • Understanding the feasibility of the approach
  • Understanding what's best for you

Who is it for?

  • Directors / board
  • Team leaders
  • Change teams

How is it delivered?

  • Workshop format over 2 half days, depending on need
  • Individual coaching where necessary

What is the benefit?

  • Do what is right for you without the consultancy pressures
  • Understand that people are all different
  • Determine the best approach To communication