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Businesses are continually facing change, driven internally or externally and the people that make organisations what they are, are susceptible to the effects of change. Change can be driven by a desire to expand, introduce new products or a change in the political, economic or legal landscapes; regardless of the stimulus it will affect how a business works.

Embarking on change is often a major step for an organisation which will be costly, difficult and introduce high levels of stress albeit over short periods of time. Understanding the people you have, what they are good at, how to best communicate with them, before you start changing things is an essential enabler towards successful change. If you don't consider these things early, one of the most difficult things to fix in a change programme is the loss of highly skilled and valuable people.

People need to understand what is expected of them and what's in it for them, where the organisation is going and how they fit into this big picture, without that understanding the whole process becomes much more difficult, as people bring their own perspectives and stories and myths start to drive the change process. The Rubicon-ChangePlanning package focuses on the effects of change on the people in an organisation, how to get it going and how to bring them with you on your journey. Rubicon-ChangePlanning helps you to start that change efficiently and effectively.

Who is it for?

  • Management boards
  • Team leaders / managers
  • Planning teams

How is it delivered?

  • Over 2 days, half a day is personality profiling an feedback
  • Review days at 3 and 6 month milestones, if necessary
  • Bespoke delivery as required by the client

What is it about?

  • Considering options
  • Analysing capabilities
  • Determining risks
  • Working through personality types
  • Developing role solutions

What will it bring?

  • Understanding of how the plans affect the people
  • Greater knowledge of team types and capability
  • Understanding of the risks associated with the people
  • Communication solutions which will work

Changing the organisation requires understanding of the people; getting the understanding takes time, Rubicon can help you get that understanding and start the change.