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Welcome to Rubicon Coaching, where the focus is on you and the change your business wants to make. Change is everywhere and we are all affected by it in some way. That can be our own performance, that of our team or the difficulties of communicating just what you want to happen. Here it is all about helping you to start that change, get the traction that you desire and drive forward to a successful conclusion and get closer to hitting those outcomes on time and in budget.

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What our clients say

“I had never been to a coach before and was really delighted with the experience I had with Justin. He helped me think about my business, and where I want to go - something that, as a sole trader, I never make time for. Pleasingly, his coaching also gave me the chance to appreciate what I do well, and not just focus on areas that need improving. He didn't tell me what to do, but helped me to come to my own conclusions - a kind of guiding hand. Highly recommended”

Jo Smyth, Word Worker, PR & Copywriting

“My name is Rosebelle I've had a few coaching sessions with Justin York of Rubicon Coaching and I have to say they've made a significant difference in my business. I have almost doubled the number of regular clients after the coaching sessions. I was quite shy and unsure of myself, but now I know how to approach new or potential clients am no longer intimidated. This has brought down cost as I don't need to go through agents anymore. Coaching by Justin was a fantastic investment in myself and my business. It was absolutely worth the money and I've recommended it to friends and family, I'd also recommend it for everyone whether you're in business or for personal life.”

Rose Njoki