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Change is experienced continuously, whether its prices in supermarkets, the price of petrol or new regulations. Changes affect us as individuals or organisations which in turn affects our behaviours, driven by how change is communicated to us. Your people will bring their own perspectives, their view of the world will be different to yours and the reality is that you cannot see through their eyes!

People are an organisations greatest asset and by treating them well, they will respond and support the changes; in my experience the most commonly heard statements from people undergoing change include, what's in it for me?, what's wrong with how we do it now? That wasn't what I understood? This demonstrates that communication has not been effective across the whole organisation. We all believe that we are great communicators and that we can always get our messages across; the unfortunate truth is that this only works if we recognise that not everyone is like us. Where they are different not recognising the need to change communication style leads to misunderstanding and reading between the lines and that means our message is often distorted on delivery.

Successful change requires successful communication of intent and how it will affect the people and the business. Rubicon-Communic8 is designed to help you build on your understanding of your people enabling you to better understand how to communicate with all members of the team or organisation and helps start successful change.

Who is this package for?

  • Board level executives preparing for organisational change
  • Change management team leads
  • Organisational communicators

How long are the packages?

  • Preparing the board for change – 1 half day
  • Change team leads – 1 day (delivered as whole day or 2 half days)
  • Organisational communicators – 1 day (delivered as whole day or 2 half days)

What does it contain?

  • How do we as communicate
  • Understanding how communication affects behaviour
  • Building resilience through good communication
  • Communication strategies, same message different delivery

What can you expect from it?

  • Understanding of the cognitive processes behind communication
  • Strategies to counter poor communication
  • Well thought through communication strategies
  • Understanding the risks of the change

These benefits will be delivered through the programme and you embedding these principles. Interested, contact Rubicon Coaching and start the change.