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We all have dreams in our lives, climbing Everest, free falling from the edge of space or walking amongst the ruins of Macchu Picchu; often we don't achieve our dreams and look back and wonder what if. Performance is ours to decide; dreams can become reality if we apply ourselves and commit to them. This package takes you through your dreams, gives them dates and gets your commitment.


It is understood through research that our thinking directly affects our behaviours. Our personal state effects our thoughts and therefore we have control over our thoughts if we chose to do so. This package helps you to understand how thinking works and then to understand how to work with your thoughts in a positive way. Changing your thinking will change your behaviour and could change your life.


As we move through life we take knocks to our confidence and sometimes we withdraw from something because of those knocks. Resilience is all about our bounce back ability, how we recover and move forward when we have these setbacks in life. We can build or improve our resilience to take account of these setbacks; its not to say that they won't affect us but we will recover much faster.


As we progress through life we rely on our strengths to enable us to react to situations we are faced with, such as loss of a loved one, being made redundant or illness. These situations require us to demonstrate strength in different ways; in order to do that we first have to know our strengths and work to them. The Rubi-Strength coaching approach discovers the strengths and helps you change to work with them.