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Rubicon Optimised Performance Method (OPM)®

We have been told for years that there are people who do and those that plan; in the same way that we are told that we might be indecisive or we're not quick. None of those things are untrue its more the way that they are couched at us that makes the difference. Sometimes we feel a bit put upon or perhaps inadequate (in the face of these super humans), the reality of course is that they are no better than us and whilst they revel in issuing orders and driving everything forwards, some of us like to get our heads down and make it work.

We often find that we are personality 'profiled' and the assessment that is undertaken somehow magically presents us with an opportunity to see ourselves in a more favourable light but also others; to understand them and where they are coming from, see the world from their perspective. It's true that the assessments can lead down this road and for some the lights will come on and they will always be the super stars they thought they were. Unfortunately, in many cases, the whole package is never delivered, or it's not delivered that well and many of the benefits are simply lost. Yet even with all this new knowledge the team isn't built, there is still conflict and the same issues of too much for too few remain.

So how then is Rubicon-OPM ® so very different? The answer is that it's not! What it is though is a model that really does get under the skin of those people that we have difficulty with, brings the other person's perspective into the open and makes it clear their preferences and more to the point shows everyone what they are so they can adjust. It uncovers peoples eyes and brings them back from a place of inferiority and shows them that not only do they have place within teams, they also have great ideas and often all that is needed is a little pause to avoid costly and time consuming re-work of materials. The four elements of this model demonstrate how they can be used in conjunction with each other to drive improved and optimised outcomes, for individuals, teams and organisations.

What are the benefits of Rubicon-OPM®?

  • It works for everyone
  • It links communication, motivation & performance to outcomes
  • It makes use of people's preferences and styles to help them understand others
  • It shows you how to work together and get that perspective
  • Above all it reduces conflict and improves the outcomes

Who is it for?

  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Teams
  • Individuals

How is it delivered?

  • Workshops
  • 1-2-1 sessions
  • Seminars
  • Coaching & Mentoring

Interested in learning more about how this model can help you? Call me or drop me a line and we can discuss how this amazing model can help you.