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Changing your style

by Justin York

I was presenting at a networking group the other day on how communication affects motivation and what can be done to improve it. My talk is based in DISC personality profiling or more accurately their traits, styles and preferences for communication and motivation.

After my talk which seemed to be well received I was reflecting on exactly what I had been saying and more importantly the reception it had received.I am firmly in the camp that we have 'our' personality which I accept changes with the context in which it is measured. By that I mean there will be some differences between a work and social context. I was then discussing with a fellow networker the various merits of such resting and he expressed his view on how his personality had 'changed' over the years.

He recounted how he once been a more detailed person but was now much more directive in his nature.Now that is something which is firmly in my understanding of personality as we all have various blends. That set me thinking about my personality blend which is stability and detailed, so not a directive in your face type who loves being out there doing things like presentations.

Now I quite enjoy doing presentations as I enjoy passing on my knowledge, such as it is, to others to make use of or dismiss as they choose. I used to do my presentations and once finished retreat to my secure zone and comfort; however yesterday there was something different, I felt I could have stood there for another 20 minutes and have enjoyed it.

My initial statement was around we don't actually change that much through life only through context. Yet my position in presenting seems to be entirely different. Perhaps practise makes you enjoy it more, perhaps I didn't concentrate enough doing the profile or perhaps I am changing my style and traits. Whichever it is, it's an interesting and fascinating journey which I am really enjoying.The point then is don't get hung up on what your label might be, rather be and do what makes you comfortable.