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We don't all see the world the same way

by Justin York

I find it fascinating that wherever I go or have been I see the concept that 'one size fits all' across virtually any scenario. Unfortunately one size never fits all and to round it off it's never alright on the night! What is it then that makes people in organisations use an approach that cannot possibly fit everyone?

My view of the world is different to everybody else's in that my perception of a series of events or possibly communication will be interpreted differently, simply because of who I am.The thing is that we are all different and thus it's very difficult to get us all to see the same thing the same way.There are however certain traits which exist that enables us to be bought closer to the same view!I am of course speaking of personality traits and methods by which we discover what they are.

Our personality is like a mask that we wear to present ourselves to the world.We have our normal relaxed mask, our work mask and perhaps our mask we wear when we want to impress.Actors for example have to have the capability to wear many masks and yet even for these skilled people they cannot act out every personality.They then bring a little of their own personality to the role which makes it different to the last.Now the key question is how do we find out who we are and when we do what does it all mean?

To answer that question is simple, we simply do a personality test whether it's DISC, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or any other flavour which exist.They all do similar things some are more detailed than others.My personal preference is for DISC; I find it simple to do and easy to interpret with a little guidance.The great thing about all these tools is that they show you who you are and what your traits are. Once you know those things you can bring a whole new view to your world.

The main thing of course, when we are working, is to bring a whole new view to the managers and communicators that 'one size never fits all' and if you recognise that, you have a better chance 'of it being alright on the night!'